Top 6 Podcasts For Building Mental Strength

Top 6 Podcasts For Building Mental Strength

A tough mentality is crucial for success as an athlete. It enables you to reach your best levels of performance and also to stay consistent with training for long-term development.

When you can get more out of your fitness and learn to focus better, it becomes a lot more enjoyable too.

Researchers have found mental strength can be developed through learning and practising skills, so it’s something everyone can work on and improve.

 Here are six of the best podcasts that offer insight and advice on how to cultivate a strong mindset.

 Warrior Mind Podcast

 Greg Swanson describes himself as a mental strength coach and his podcast, which has built up an impressive library of over 500 episodes dating back to 2010, explores different themes and methods for building a “warrior mindset”. It has proved popular with well over 1 million downloads and most episodes are less than 20 minutes.

Don’t Tell Me The Score

 BBC journalist Simon Mundie interviews top athletes as well as doctors and sports psychologists. The podcast delivers insight and tips on how to approach situations in life and sport, with some of the most recent guests including psychologist Ethan Kross on managing the voice in your head and Adam Peaty on what it takes to become the greatest swimmer on the planet. 

Feel Better Live More

Possibly the most popular health podcast in Europe, Dr Rangan Chattergee talks to a range of experts on simple and practical tips to improve all areas of health. These include specialists on psychological wellbeing and resilience and inspirational individuals like Holocaust survivor Dr Edith Eger.

All In The Mind

A podcast from BBC Radio 4 which explores the potential of the human mind, as well as its limits. It takes a scientific approach at times but doesn’t hold back on delivering actionable tips and advice.

Building Psychological Strength

April Seifert, Ph.D, takes an in-depth look at specific aspects of psychological strength. By flicking through the list of recent episodes you’re bound to find something that will relate to you and that you can start applying in the gym or in the wider world.

The Mental Toughness Podcast With Matt Phillips

Matt Phillips claims to help you tap into what he calls the “secret sauce” to unlocking success: mental toughness. With experts, he looks at how you can build confidence and channel your emotions to motivate yourself in all situations.