Try This Fun & Brutal Full-Body Kettlebell Workout

Try This Fun & Brutal Full-Body Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell workouts are an increasingly popular type of session.

You can do a huge variety of movements, making for a great way of building functional strength.

A big perk is that you can perform them wherever you are, which is particularly useful with more and more people working out from home.

This circuit is a great all-rounder that’s useful for building cardio and strength.

One of its best features is its adaptability. No matter your ability, you can tweak the weight or the volume to make it suit you.

That also means you can complete it alongside almost any workout partner.

The Workout

The workout is simple and effective, hitting every major body part.

You perform between two and five rounds of the following continuous circuit:

Kettlebell goblet squat - 12 reps
Kettlebell row - 8 reps
Push-ups - 10 reps
Kettlebell Romanian deadlift - 12 reps
Kettlebell split squats - 8 reps each side
One-arm standing kettlebell press - 8 reps each side
Kettlebell swing - 15 reps


The idea behind the workout is to get a progressive overload by increasing the number of rounds you complete.

Try adding it into your routine either once a week or once a fortnight, starting with just two circuits at a weight that challenges you but is manageable.

After completing the workout twice, increase the number of circuits by one round. Once you get to five, it’s time to increase the weight and move the volume back down.

Focus On Form

One of the main benefits of this workout is to improve your form on key movement patterns.

With that in mind, don’t worry too much about your speed or the weight, and take the time you need to rest between rounds.

Try to complete each exercise with a 2/0/2 tempo, and focus on strong contractions