What is the new CrossFit Scholarship Program?

What is the new CrossFit Scholarship Program?

After a challenging couple of months for CrossFit which have seen Greg Glassman step down as CEO, the organisation and the sport are seeking to take positive action to reframe its reputation. 

A number of initiatives have been set up by new CEO Dave Castro, the latest of which is the CrossFit Scholarship Program.

The Program will provide a free Level 1 Certificate Course for teens and young adults in “underrepresented and underserved communities”. A Level 1 Course is essentially an introduction to the fundamental movements and principles of CrossFit, offering a foundation in the sport.

A CrossFit statement [https://www.crossfit.com/battles/the-crossfit-scholarship-program] said: “The love, support, and tangible health-care solutions found throughout our global CrossFit community should be available to everyone. 

“We believe providing more access to CrossFit’s life-changing health and fitness methodology is one way we can help. CrossFit can help promote change by providing broader and more inclusive access to our coaching credentials. 

“In the future, and in collaboration with other members of the CrossFit community, we will broaden the program to include mentorship opportunities and pathways to becoming an entrepreneurial business owner.”

The Program launched in Atlanta last weekend and will soon spread across the global CrossFit community. 

It comes after Castro has implemented measures aiming to improve communication between affiliates in the US and CrossFit HQ, including an Affiliate Representative Program and a weekly newsletter.