6 Ways To Improve Dry Callused Hands From Lifting

6 Ways To Improve Dry Callused Hands From Lifting

Patches of dry, callused skin cover the hands of most athletes.

They’re hard to avoid if you’re lifting weights on a regular basis and can become uncomfortable or even painful.

But you don’t have to live with them. There are a number of ways you can treat callused hands to make them less dry and difficult to live with.

Here are six methods of treating calloused hands.

Soak In Epsom Salt

Epsom salts are easy to find as they’re used by a lot of athletes to alleviate muscle soreness.

They are also good at helping to heal calluses because the magnesium sulphate they release into warm water may dissolve dead skin.

Baking Powder

Baking powder also helps to get rid of dead skin and encourages new cell generation. Make it into a paste by mixing it with water and apply it to your calluses.

Over-The-Counter Creams

There are a host of exfoliating creams you can buy in a chemist or a supermarket. You can use skin-softening creams or moisturising creams to soften the dead skin too.

Pumice Stone

Wet any patches of dry dead skin and rub a pumice stone on them in a circular motion to exfoliate the area. Try and do this regularly for the best results.


A simple foot file is something you might have lying around at the back of a draw. Make use of it by rubbing away the dead skin on your calluses to allow new soft skin cells to form.

Never Pick It

As tempting as it might be, always avoid picking dead skin around a callus. It’s too easy to rip off fresh skin with strips of dead skin, which could cause bleeding.

These cuts will make lifting extremely painful and might take you out of action altogether.

It can also tell your body it needs to bring the calluses back stronger and tougher.