Best Knee Compression Sleeves For Injury Prevention

Best Knee Compression Sleeves For Injury Prevention

Knee problems are common among athletes, whether you’re a runner or a weightlifter. It’s a joint that can be susceptible to pain, ligament tears and even long-term ACL injuries.

While you can’t always get away from pain and you can’t bulletproof your knee so it never gets injured, you can use a knee support to increase comfort and mitigate the risk.

There are lots of different types of knee supports and compression sleeves out there and unless you’ve been instructed to use a specific one by a physio, it’s hard to know what’s right for you.

Here are seven options to consider.

Actesso Elastic Knee Support

If you just want a basic, bandage-style sleeve, this is a good affordable option. It’s comfortable to wear, giving you just enough support to make you aware of your knee so you don’t put too much pressure on it, but is light and breathable.

Limitless Flex Knee Support Sleeve

This is a more comprehensive option with strong support. It has a silicone wrap that lines the knee and gives shock protection from impacts while you run.

Bracoo Knee Support

This option comes with adjustable velcro straps, meaning you can fiddle with the fit to make it as tight or loose-fitting as you like. It also has an opening above the kneecap to avoid putting too much pressure on it.

Bearhug Running Knee Support

Bearhug produce sleeves that look stylish and made from bamboo, making them a sustainable option. They’re a comfortable fit and aim to increase blood flow through the joint.

Nike Pro Knitted Knee Sleeve

Nike offer a simple support that’s not too restrictive and is made from a stretchy fabric so it fits most athletes. It’s a thin material, so you don’t have to worry about overheating, and the stretchiness makes it comfortable when your putting a lot of movement and force through the knee, like when you’re doing squats or deadlifts.

Pure Support Compression Knee Sleeve

Another basic option, this product does a good job of compressing the knee while not feeling uncomfortably tight. It also comes with an optional strap you can use to secure it in place.

Neo G Knee Support

This wrap-around brace is designed to help people with arthritis but can be used for other issues too. It has an adjustable fit, and neoprene fabric helps keep the joint warm to avoid further damage.