The Best Vitamin D Supplements For Winter In The UK

The Best Vitamin D Supplements For Winter In The UK

The UK government recommends that everyone should consider taking a Vitamin D supplement during the autumn and winter.

That’s because we have shorter hours of daylight, and light from the sun is absorbed by the skin and used to create vitamin D. We then use it to regulate levels of calcium and phosphate in the body, which helps us maintain healthy bones and muscles.

To help athletes find the right vitamin D supplement for them, here are six good options that come in various forms, such as tablets, liquids and sprays.

Nutrition Geeks Vitamin D3 1,000IU

Nutrition Geeks’ ‘optimum strength’ product is very affordable, as well as being vegetarian and gluten-free. You can buy enough tablets to last a year for just £7.99, and they’re a sustainable choice too with the foil, letterbox-friendly bag using less plastic than conventional plastic bottles.

Vitabiotics Ultra Vitamin D Gummies

Some people just don’t like tablets, and gummies can be a great alternative. These gummies offer 1000IU of vitamin D, are chewable and have a flavour you can actually enjoy. The fact of the matter is that if you enjoy taking the vitamin D dose, you’re more likely to remember to do it each day.

Lloyds Pharmacy Nutri Within Liquid Vitamin D 1,000IU

You may prefer to use a liquid dropper to get your hit of vitamin D, in which case LloydsPharmacy have a good option available. You simply use one drop per day alongside a meal, with each bottle lasting for two months.

Frunutta Sublingual Vitamin D3 1,000IU

If you struggle to swallow tablets, you may want to consider taking a sublingual supplement. You simply place the vitamin D tablet under your tongue and wait for it to dissolve. This product from Frunutta is a little more expensive than other options but may be worth it if it’s you like dissolving tablets.

Dr Vegan Vitamin D3 2,500IU

These Dr Vegan tablets are, of course, plant-based and are delivered in packaging that’s free of plastic so it can be composted. It’s a strong dose, so you should check with a doctor that it’s suitable for you. The maximum recommended intake of vitamin D for most people is 4,000IU a day.

BetterYou D1000 Vitamin D Daily Oral Spray

Another alternative to regular pills is to use a mouth spray, and BetterYou have a range of vitamin D supplements that cater for this option. The D1000 bottle is travel-sized so you can take it anywhere and has a nice peppermint taste.