Keep on training (at home) through Coronavirus

Keep on training (at home) through Coronavirus

As everyone is turning towards homework’s due to the virus and no access to gyms, a plan should still be in place. Home workouts are being design by many fitness coaches/CrossFit coaches/ fitness influencers which is a positive approach to keep the fitness industry and people’s health positive. 

Your goal of fitness and performance must still stay accurate to enable yourself not to decrease in any attribute you currently have. For example, if a individual’s goal is to increase strength, home workouts must be tailored around that specific goal. An aspect of the skill will decrease due to many not having the access to equipment which will enable a certain % to be achieved.

Different training styles are aimed to work specific components of fitness. To increase strength/Power a EMOM would be performed allowing rest in order for the individual to have substantial energy levels to move a weight with the same intent.

If the goal is to increase endurance a workout around the training of chipper
workouts/AMRAP’s. Aiming to achieve a high amount of reps with a low weight will train and adapt your muscles to last a long period of time through workouts.

10 Minutes –
10 Shoulder to Overhead (Strict Press)
10 Bent Over Row
10 Minute EMOM
5 DB Thrusters
5 Dumbbell Snatch

Jump Squat
Press Ups
DB Push Press

800m Run x 4
4 minute Rest in-between each 800m (aim to beat each split time)

15s run – 15s rest (8 rounds)
If access to a bike (aim for 110+ RPM each 15s on)