The Best Quality Resistance Bands For Workouts & Mobility

The Best Quality Resistance Bands For Workouts & Mobility

Resistance bands are an excellent bit of kit you can use for a variety of major muscle groups, from legs to core and upper body.

What’s great is that you can easily use them at home and take them to the gym. They’re a regular fixture in the gym bag of a lot of athletes who use Built for Athletes backpacks.

But if you’ve started looking for a set of resistance bands yourself, you’ll have quickly realised there are various types to choose from. You can get different materials, different grips, power assist bands, tube bands or even loop bands.

If you don’t know where to start, Built for Athletes has compiled a list of five of the best resistance bands available.

RenoJ Resistance Bands Set

If you want something basic to warm up with, the RenoJ resistance band set is easy to find on Amazon, comes at a cheap price and does what you need it to. You get three levels of resistance and they’re made of a durable fabric that feels like it will last. They’re definitely more of a beginner band though and are best used for warming up and activation.

CoreZone Heavy Duty Resistance Bands

If you’re looking for resistance bands you can incorporate into the main part of your workout and want gym-level quality, the CoreZone Heavy Duty Resistance Bands won’t disappoint. Corezone claim they’ll last a lifetime, even offering a money-back guarantee if they don’t.

MyProtein Multi-Use 11 Piece Resistance Band Set

This offering from MyProtein is designed with home gym users in mind. The bands have a wide range of resistance levels, from 4.6kg to 22.8kg. The set also comes with foam handles that are easy to grip, leg straps and a door anchor.

Insonder Resistance Band Set

The Indonder Resistance Band Set is another cheaper option suited to warm-ups and activation. You get five levels of resistance, and the bands come in a latex loop that feels comfortable and like it’s built to last.

Corength Cross-Training Elastic Training Band 45kg

If you want a budget option that can still give you a big level of resistance, check out Corength’s cross-training range. The bands are affordable because you buy them individually, but are still made from 100% natural latex and range from 5kg to a hefty 45kg.