What Are The Healthiest Crisps? 8 Low-Calorie, Low-Fat Options

What Are The Healthiest Crisps? 8 Low-Calorie, Low-Fat Options

Crisps are a guilty pleasure that many of us indulge in.

And with more and more people likely to be working from home over the coming weeks, snacking is likely to become increasingly tempting.

Making informed decisions and picking the best options can help you keep your fitness goals on track.

So Built for Athletes has compiled a list of eight popular types of crisps that are healthier than others.

French Fries

Even though they take their name from a potato product that’s notoriously high in fat, French Fries are among the healthiest crisps on supermarket shelves.

They contain only 3.4g of fat, less than any other variety on this list, just 0.3g of saturates and 92 calories.


Skips have the lowest calorie count here, with only 78 per bag.

Fat content is reasonable too at 4.6g while their saturates count weighs in at only 0.4g.


Although they have just 88 calories per bag, quavers do contain 4.9g of fat. 

They’re also low in saturates, containing only 0.4g.


Due to being baked, Wotsits are relatively healthy.

They have 90 calories, 5.4g of fat and 0.7g of saturates per bag.

Walkers Baked

The ‘baked is better’ philosophy rings true here as this is another crisp that’s very low in saturates.

A packet of Walkers Baked contains only 0.3g to be precise, and only 109 calories and 3.4g of fat.


Squares have the joint-lowest amount of saturated fat here at only 0.3g.

They do contain 5g of fat and 120 calories, but that’s still extremely low in comparison to many varieties. 


Sunbites are multigrain, which makes them higher in nutrient content than many other crisps.

They also contain just 120 calories per bag, although do have 5.4g of fat and 0.6g of saturates.

Hula Hoops

Despite being high in fat and saturates at 6.9g and 0.6g respectively, Hula Hoops have only 122 calories per bag.