"What to pack for a Hyrox Competition" - Jade Skillen, Hyrox Master Trainer

"What to pack for a Hyrox Competition" - Jade Skillen, Hyrox Master Trainer

For Hyrox Comp Day my Built For Athletes backpack is a no brainer to carry everything I need for race day!

First up is my Built For Athletes meal prep box where I carry protein powder & my key supplements such as; fulvic minerals & electrolytes! 

A tonne of fresh lemon water for me the morning of an event is essential to head into the race hydrated! 

Protein is key for post race & my electrolytes are for during the event to prevent that glycogen debt! 

My headphones are a MUST!! I like to switch off, zone out & head outside the arena to warm up & find calm in the midst of the chaos indoors! 

My trusted crystals I carry with me EVERYWHERE for good vibes!

My watch is ON the morning of the event so I can monitor heart rate leading into the event. I never arrive at the event too early as this can cause a spike of adrenaline too soon! So I get my watch out & on in the morning. 

Of course, I’ll have my spare kit & my race day trainers (at the moment Puma Deviates are my go to & I keep a “Race Only” pair) 

The wet bag is a MUST for post event to shove my sweaty kit into! 

Also after 60-70 minutes working at threshold indoors, there’s nothing better than an Apple caffeine free NOCCO to replenish my BCAAs & feel refreshed! 

I will also carry with me post race re-feed nutrition, I like to have some overnight oats packed up to get back in post race & a banana just before the race!  

For all of you racing soon, get out there & crush it