7 Things Champions Have In Common

7 Dinge, die Champions gemeinsam haben

People who reach the top of their profession often have a unique ora about them. They tend to find an individual method that gets refined over years of hard work.

But there are certain habits or qualities that they all have in common. Here, Built for Athleten looks at seven of them.

Goal Setting

From early on in their career or life, champions have ideas of where they want to go. 

As they keep achieving, they continue to set goals and aspirations which drive them and keep them accountable. 


Prioritising the important things that will take them towards their goal is hugely important. Champions are all extremely dedicated to their craft, and are willing to sacrifice in other areas of their life to reach their potential. 


Motivation is an emotion that can’t be present at all times, but champions know how to turn it on when they need to. 

Andy Murray has a list of mantras that he writes down and keeps with him in the dressing room before tennis matches. They include “Be good to yourself”, “Try to be intense with your legs”, and “Focus on each point and the process”.


Motivation might come and go, but champions will always remain committed to their process. They’ll put in the extra hours of training that others aren’t willing to do and stick to all the klein habits that will pay off over time.


A clear head and a well-rested body is essential, particularly in sport, so successful athleten regularly sleep between eight and 10 hours a day.

Stay Positive

Everyone will fail, everyone will have disappointing setbacks, but champions manage to shake them off after a few days and get back into a positive frame of mind. This unwavering self-belief and resilience is something everyone is capable of but is easier said than done.

Surround Themselves With The Right People

Setting up a positive environment filled with supportive people is essential. It feeds many of the important habits and factors, like motivation and resilience. Sticking with the right people and knowing when to part ways with others, such as unproductive coaches, is something great athleten excel at.