6 Easy No-Prep Lunch Recipes For Athletes

6 Easy No-Prep Lunch Recipes For Athletes

In a perfect world, we’d eat the ideal diet every day. The problem is that it’s not always possible.

As well as the natural temptation that comes with being human, logistical issues can get in the way too. Whether it’s work commitments, unexpected events or personal plans, we don’t always have time to cook a meal.

But if you make things easier by using simple recipes that require very little effort, you could make big improvements on your diet so you can be better fueled for workouts and recover quicker.

To help, here are six recipes that require basically no preparation, and just involve throwing ingredients together.

Tuna & White Bean Salad

Just by tossing a tin of tuna and some white beans, like cannellini beans or butter beans, into a salad, you can create a high-protein lunch full of flavour. Use a bed of lettuce or other leafy greens along with tomatoes, olives, red onion, feta and a dressing of your choice.

Miso Soup With Greens & Tofu

Miso paste and green vegetables are both linked with building a strong immune system, so this easy soup is perfect for the winter. Adding tofu boosts the protein content.

Smoked Salmon & Peas With Creamy Gnocchi

You can use minimal ingredients in this dish to create a meal that feels elegant and tastes great. It simply combines gnocchi, smoked salmon, a spreadable cheese, peas and, if you like, some parsley or chopped chives for added flavour.

Easy Chicken Gyros

Stuffed pita breads make a great alternative if you get bored of sandwiches, and Greek chicken gyros is a tasty, high-protein filling. Ingredients include shredded chicken, tomatoes, red onion, tzatziki and sliced cucumber.

Courgetti Noodles With Beans, Feta, & Lemon

Courgetti noodles make a great bed to this vegetarian salad. The beans give a good source of protein while the feta and lemon combine to make a delicious dish.

BBQ Chickpea Wraps With Spinach & Avocado

These wraps are super quick to make and are always popular. Simply mix the chicken with bbq sauce, add it to a wrap and top with sliced avocado and spinach. To make it vegan, replace the chicken with chickpeas.