6 Health Benefits Of Collagen

6 Health Benefits Of Collagen

Collagen is often used as a supplement to maintain healthy skin and hair, but it offers so much more.

It has a number of benefits that athletes can exploit, which is why several elite sportspeople supplement with collagen.

It’s actually found in the human body naturally and is a major component of various connective tissues.

Read on for the key reasons you might want to consider adding collagen to your nutrition programme.

Could Boost Muscle Mass

Some research has suggested that collagen can aid muscle growth and encourage the creation of muscle proteins like creatine when combined with resistance training. In fact, about 1-10% of muscle tissue in a human body is made up of collagen.

Can Ease Joint Pain

Collagen helps to support cartilage, which is a tissue that protects your joints. Scientists believe that when you consume collagen, it accumulates in your cartilage which stimulates the body to make more of it. Studies have found people who supplement with collagen experience less severe joint pain.

Promotes Heart Health

Collagen helps give structure to arteries which carry blood from the heart around the body. A lack of collagen can make them become weak over time, so it is thought that supplementing it can protect you from heart conditions.

Bone Strength

As the human body ages, bone mass can deteriorate leaving you at a higher risk of bone injuries such as stress fractures. Due to the high loads that athletes place on their skeletal system, it’s important to maintain a healthy bone mass and collagen supplementation can help with this.

Healthy Skin

Skin health is one of the major reasons most people take collagen. It is a major component of your skin and can stop it from becoming dry. Some people claim supplementing with collagen can defend against wrinkles.

Promotes Gut Health

A good digestive system can help you get the most nutrients out of your food and support mental wellbeing, and collagen is sometimes associated with better gut health. Collagen is found in our gut lining and it also contains an amino acid called glycine which can soothe the gut.