6 Resistance Band Warm-Up Exercises

6 Resistance Band Warm-Up Exercises

We all know the importance of implementing a thorough warm-up routine to minimise injury risk and increase performance. 

Resistance bands are a great piece of equipment to incorporate into that process.

Here are six resistance band exercises to try before a workout.

Upper Body

Band Pull-Apart

The band pull-apart will stretch out your shoulders and encourage good posture.

Grab the band (adjust your hands to the centre or the outer widths depending on how much resistance you want) and hold it out in front of you. Then pull your hands apart, keeping your arms straight, and squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Shoulder Press

Loop one resistance band under each of your feet and hold the other end with your palms facing up at shoulder height.

Then perform a traditional shoulder press, repeating to get the blood flowing into your muscles.

Chest Fly

Wrap the band around your back and hold each end with your arms out straight either side of you.

Bring your hands together until they touch while keeping your arms straight.

Lower Body

Crab Walk

Step into the resistance band, wrapping it around your ankles.

Bend your knees slightly almost as if you’re performing a half squat and walk to the left, changing direction after around 5-10 steps. 

Hip Abduction

With one end of the band around a post or other stationary object, loop the other around your ankle.

Standing side-on with the attached ankle furthest away from the object, keep your leg straight and pull it away as far as you can

Donkey Kick

Getting on all fours, hold the resistance band under your hands and loop one side around the sole of your foot.

Extend your leg up until it is straight behind you, keeping your back parallel to the floor.