Chris Eubank Jr On The Shock Of Training At Roy Jones Jr’s Country Farm

Chris Eubank Jr On The Shock Of Training At Roy Jones Jr’s Country Farm

Chris Eubank Jr has been one of the biggest middleweight and super-middleweight names in Britain over the last few years and he’s taken an independent approach to his training.

He grew up in the shadow of his father’s glittering boxing career, which famously included a spectacular series of fights with fellow British fighter Nigel Benn.

Having taken to the ring himself, Eubank Jr took a few years to find a consistent training set-up he could stick with long term.

Following fall-outs with a number of coaches and plenty of time spent bouncing between gyms, Eubank Jr has now settled with current coach Roy Jones Jr, a contemporary of his father, for the last two years.

He’s now heading into one of the biggest bouts of his career on 5th February when he takes on Welsh fighter Liam Williams.

How Chris Eubank Jr Started Training Under Roy Jones Sr

Chris Eubank Jr met his current coach, Roy Jones Sr, while in holiday in the US in February 2020.

With the beginning of the pandemic shortly after, Eubank Jr decided to stay at the American’s rural farm for the next year.

“Out there on the land is how Roy prefers to live,” Eubank Jr told Sky Sports. “I didn't have to do this. But if I wanted to learn from the master I had to be there. It wasn't easy to immerse myself in that. Apart from Roy I knew nobody there. I had no friends there. No family.

“The nearest town was Pensacola. After training I would drive back to my apartment there. I watched a lot of TV. Occasionally I would chill with one of Roy's other boxers.

“But mostly I was by myself. I just had to get used to it. The farm and being alone. And me, a city boy. It was nothing like where I was before that; in the comfort zone of my Las Vegas apartment and Floyd Mayweather's gym. I love the hustle and bustle of Vegas and London. I enjoy the seaside buzz here in Brighton.

“Out there on the land I had to adapt to a very different atmosphere. There were more dogs than people. I'm proud of myself that I could stick with it.

“Roy is a genius. We knew that during all those years when he was the No 1 boxer in the world. Now, personally, I have the benefit of all that knowledge and wisdom.”