“Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done” - Sam Briggs Completes 100km Challenge For Charity

“Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done” - Sam Briggs Completes 100km Challenge For Charity

Sam Briggs pushed herself through agonising pain when she fought off the fittest athletes in the world to win the 2013 CrossFit Games, but she’s described her recent achievement of rowing and running 100km as the hardest thing she’s ever done.

The Manchester-based 38-year-old completed a 50km row followed by a 50km run in a time of nine hours and 10 minutes.

She was joined by members at Train Manchester, as well as a number of Gyms across the UK and a few international boxes, in an attempt to raise much-needed funds for Cancer Research UK with the charity sector having seen a sharp decline in revenue this year. At the time of writing the athletes have raised over £9,000.

Although Sam Briggs admits she is coming to the end of her career, the former Games champion has shown she still has some serious aerobic power having set a world record of 13 minutes and 35 seconds on the Deka Course at the Spartan Games last year. The workout includes 10 exercises ranging from weighted lunges to an assault bike trial, all of which Sam blitzed to pick up the event win.

And despite visibly being a little downhearted at failing to beat her 9-hour target in the 100km challenge, Sam Briggs again showed her durability and mental strength.

“I can’t tell you what hurts the most because everything hurts,” she said in a video recorded during the final km that was later posted on her Instagram account.

“I can’t express how grateful I am to everyone who joined in CrossFit Manchester and from afar,” Sam added after completing the challenge. “Please, if you can follow the link in my bio and donate any amount would be amazing to help raise much-needed funds for cancer research. Walking tomorrow is going to be a struggle, but it’ll all be worth it if we can help out such an important charity.”