Top 5 Ready-To-Drink Protein Shakes

Top 5 Ready-To-Drink Protein Shakes

While powders usually offer a cheaper alternative, the convenience of ready-to-drink protein shakes means they’re very much an in-demand product.
RTD shakes are particularly suitable to have on the go and can be easily stored away in a Hero bag for easy access after training.

Here, Built for Athletes lists five of the best around.

Grenade Carb Killa
True to its name, Grenade’s shake stays low in carbs (less than 8g per 330ml bottle) and sugar while packing a hefty 25g of protein. That means the shake is only 200 calories so is aimed at those trying to watch their weight. It comes in six flavours including white chocolate, cookies and cream and fudge brownie.

PHD Smart
PHD’s Smart range offers a popular powder but also comes in a ready-to-drink form. A bottle contains 20g of protein and, at less than 6g and 4.5g respectively, is actually lower in carbohydrates and sugar than Grenade’s offering. One downside is that it only comes in two flavours; strawberry cheesecake and chocolate

As one of the biggest names in the sector, it’s unsurprising Huel feature on this list.
Their RTD shakes are slightly different to others here though as they are sold as meal replacements rather than protein supplements. That means it comes in a bigger bottle (500ml), is high in carbs (33g) and contains many important daily vitamins including zinc, iron and magnesium as well as 20g of protein.

Coco Pro
Protein waters are a growing entity and Coco Pro claims to be the world’s first coconut water with added protein. It contains whey isolate and rivals some of the other options in its protein punch with 20g. As well as the original pure coconut flavour, it also comes with pineapple and pomegranate.

Progo 53g
Progo have taken things to the next level with their 53g shake which - rather unsurprisingly - contains 53g of protein. Its sizeable 500g bottle also contains a whopping 54g of sugar in the vanilla flavour and a similar amount in chocolate, banana, strawberry and cookies and cream. With that in mind, this is only really suitable if you’re seriously trying to bulk up.