5 Of The Best Electrolyte Hydration Powders & Tablets

5 Of The Best Electrolyte Hydration Powders & Tablets

Good hydration is critical to peak performance and recovery, so having the right electrolyte supplements in place is important to many athletes.

There’s a huge amount of products out there to choose from which can make finding the right option a real challenge.

So here’s a list of five of the best electrolyte powders and tablets.

SOS Active

SOS have built their brand on a background of scientific research. They say they’ve found an optimal osmolarity (concentration of particles per litre) to allow the electrolytes to be better absorbed by the body. Some of the five flavours can be slightly salty due to the sodium content, but you’re likely to find a variety you like.

SIS GO Electrolyte

This fuels as well as hydrates because it packs 36g of carbohydrate per serving in addition to a mix of electrolytes. That could make it an ideal option for endurance athletes to take on board during exercise to prevent fatigue. It’s tasty too, although it can be difficult to mix in comparison to other powders.

Liquid I.V.

In addition to sodium and potassium, the unique element of Liquid I.V. is its mix of vitamins as it includes the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 among others. This offers a boost to the immune system and makes it a useful recovery drink if you’re prone to picking up illnesses.

Key Nutrients Electrolyte Powder

This option also packs a number of vitamins and also boasts that it’s calorie and sugar-free. A single container packs a hefty 90 servings meaning it’s pretty economical even if it can be costly.

Nuun Sport + Caffeine

These drink tablets from Nuun Sport are ideal if you want an energy boost before heading out to train because of the caffeine content. They have a number of important electrolytes too and contain no artificial flavourings or sweeteners.